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280x280mm/11.02x11.02 inch Ender 7 Double Sides Textured/Smooth PEI Sheet + Specular PEA Spring Steel Build Plate with Magnetic Base

280x280mm/11.02x11.02 inch Ender 7 Double Sides Textured/Smooth PEI Sheet + Specular PEA Spring Steel Build Plate with Magnetic Base

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  • Looking for a high-quality build surface for your 3D printer? Look no further than our selection of PEI/PEA sheets!

  • PEI is a superior build surface material that offers a range of benefits over traditional materials like PEO/PET.It's more resistant to high temperatures and wear, and provides better adhesion, making it perfect for printing a wide range of materials includingABS, PC, PETG, TPU, TPE, and RYNO.

  • Theinnovative PEA material makes the bottom of printed parts flatter and smoother, while retaining a glass-like reflectivity,maintains stronger adhesion and durability than PEO/PET, and performs better in low-temperature printing,completely eliminates the problem of bubbles.

  • While PEI/PEA may be more expensive than other materials, we believe in providing the best quality products to our customers.
  • 【Special Design】:Excellent double-sided PEI spring steel build plate design. Compared with smooth PEI, the matte texture makes it easier for the printing material to adhere to the surface of PEI. Both sides can be used is more cost-effective.

  • 【Proven Solution】:PEI sheet with authentic 3M has strong adhesion; No scraping, easy to remove the printed matter from the platform by bending. Through hundreds of experimental tests, repeated use is still as new. Hot bed printing is recommended, if printing ABS, etc. apply glue is better.

  • 【Good Quality】:Flexible, removable, high strength and heat resistance, Four-Layer design, thicker and more durable. Easily handle temperatures up to 130°C. And perfect for PLA, PEEK, ABS.

  • 【Practical Features】:Please measure the size of your printing platform before purchasing. We are very grateful for your love and care for the product.Our plate fit 3D printers with a platform size of 280x280mm/11.02x11.02 inch,for Ender 7 3D Printer.

  • 【Quality Promise】:All products have UNDERGONE QUALITY INSPECTION before delivery. If you have any questions about product quality and suggestions, please feel free to contact us and we will reply within 24 hours.

Instructions for Use
1. Before printing, you need to level the bed. Make sure the nozzle and PEI/PEA build plate maintain a proper distance, so that the nozzle does not scratch the surface. (the smooth PEI/PEA version needs to tear off the surface protective film).
2.During the printing phase, select different hot bed temperatures for different materials to achieve the best printing results.
3.After printing, wait for the temperature to drop to room temperature. No chisel is required, just gently bend the PEI/PEA steel plate to remove the model.
4.Clean the PEI/PEA build plate, wipe with isopropyl alcohol using a lint-free cloth, rinse with water, and dry with a clean cloth or let it air dry. Do not use abrasive cleaners or rough cloths that can scratch the surface.

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